"The amazing story of Dave Sanderson is what draws you in but it’s the personal connection he makes that is the true difference. As the keynote speaker for our association event, he captivated the group as he related the events of The Miracle on the Hudson and then challenged and inspired each individual to examine the lessons learned and correlate them to their personal experiences. The real impetus is how relatable Dave is. Rather than just hearing an incredible story, the listener finds themselves in Dave’s shoes and questions not only what they personally would have done in that moment but, more importantly, how that would affect who they are and what they do today. A month later, I am still receiving positive feedback from our members and stories of the impact the session had on them personally. Dave Sanderson is a great speaker and an amazing man. Thank you for sharing your gift and inspiring us all to view our personal missions in a new way." ~ Robert F. Albanese, Senior Regional Vice President, PA/NJ/DE, Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc


"When Dave Sanderson finished speaking at the LIDMA Annual Conference it was clear that his message was powerful and resonated with everyone in the audience by the standing ovation he received. Not only does Dave have an incredible story based upon his experiences, but he is inspiring, motivational, engaging and has a great sense of humor! Dave’s stage presence and presentation style are outstanding for a closing keynote session. I say closing as opening with Dave would simply be a tough act to follow for anyone! Dave is also genuinely a great guy, opening himself to questions and taking the time to interact with event attendees throughout his time there. We highly recommend Dave Sanderson for your next meeting, conference or convention regardless of the industry you are in. His message reaches beyond industries and affirms belief in the human spirit!" ~ Gina Grantham, CAE, CEO, Life Insurance Direct Marketing Association

Prepare until you can’t get it wrong!

"Amateurs practice till they get it right; professionals practice till they can’t get it wrong."-Kenneth van Barthold I recently did a talk at the Secret Service Summit in Cleveland.  The Secret Service Summit is not a conference to help people become secret service agents, it's the premier conference in the country to help companies make massive improvement in their customer service skills.  I was honored to be asked to speak alongside an all star cast of speakers, each with actionable messages about customer service.  As I was preparing for the event, I was going back through my sales career and speaking engagements for examples of when I gave and received outstanding customer service and when I didn't.  As I developed my new talk about "Making Raving Fans out of a Crisis,"  I remembered something from an executive told me I met years ago that I employed that helped me develop [...]

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If you’re constantly improving who you are and what you give… Game over!

One of the things I cherished most in my time with the security team for Tony Robbins was working with a group that held each other to a higher standard.  Tony talks about the group of people you spend most of your time with will impact the direction of your destiny. That came true for me as being a part of and then growing to a leadership position on the team put me in a position to grow and improve, what Tony calls "CANI" ( constant and never-ending improvement).  Being in "proximity" of the outstanding leaders, Tony and his leadership team taught me many lessons that I used in my business and on January 15,2009. Growing is one part of the equation, learning how to give of yourself to others is the other part.  That was the standard I and others had to play at around Tony, because as he told [...]

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Miracles Matter!

  This is big week.   On September 9, 2016, Captain Chesley Sullenberger's life will be on the big screen.  I'm humbled to be a little part of that life.   As Captain Sullenberger has stated on numerous occasions, " we are all bonded by this experience for the rest of our lives."  Every time I interact with other passengers or run into Sheila, Donna or Jeff at the airport, I go back to that day when none of us knew each other and in about 6 minutes, our lives would become intertwined for the remainder of our lives.   What happened that day was a multitude of miracles happened that became one big miracle and the world again realized that "Miracles Matter!" There were many people who turned January 15,2009 from a day of tragedy into a day of miracles.  I’ve had the honor to meet many of the passengers [...]

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How to focus when you are in a Tailspin

The excitement and anticipation for the launch of the movie "Sully" is amazing.  I can only imagine what it is like for Captain Sullenberger.  He was already well known but I hallucinate that as information and trailers come out about the movie, he is moving up to "rock star" status.  I am even more shocked that I have been stopped a few times in the past week and people have come up to me to in the oddest places ( try fitness center locker room) to sign a copy of my book "Moments Matter" or our book "Brace for Impact."  So I can only imagine what is happening to Captain Sullenberger.  As I have watched the trailers for the upcoming movie and my talks with Captain Sullenberger and other pilots, one theme keeps resonating with me.  As part of their training for unexpected situations, they learn how to build " [...]

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All things to All people

It took me 30 hours last week to get from Charlotte NC to Banff Alberta to speak and have a book signing.  Like many people in the past few weeks, weather and air traffic control rerouted me a couple of times.  I saw many people get emotional instead of being resourceful.  When I speak, I share that I believe one of the reasons the outcome on January 15,2009 turned out the way it did for 155 passengers and crew is that most of us turned on our resourcefulness and few lost control emotionally.  To me it's a metaphor for my business.  When things get tough,  I turn on my "resourcefulness" and I'm able to solve the issue at hand and make progress, just like a golfer who hits it in the rough and has to get creative to get to the green. Three resources I use to get "resourceful' are patience, [...]

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From rules to results

  We all go through many "levels of consciousness."  We move from egocentric ( about ourselves) to ethnocentric ( ourselves and others) to  world-centric ( about the world) to spirit-centric ( all living things and how we are interconnected.)  All of us move up and down the levels but primarily stay in one level until we grow or regress in our belief systems.  For many years, I hovered between being a level 4 ( order, absolute, rules) and level 5 ( striver driver/achiever) even though after looking back through my life I probably was more of a order and absolute kind of guy.  It served me well,  I had rules and when I went outside of my rules I had pain which moved me back to being focused and following my game-plan.  When I learned about the levels of consciousness, I became enthralled about trying to identify who in my [...]

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You have come to your position for such a time as this

There is much excitement about the release of the movie "Sully."  The previews have been out for a few weeks but when a couple of new ones ran during the showing of the Rio Olympics,  social media has been blowing up.  I have been seeing many questions, thoughts and comments in my social media, some intriguing most of them speculative.   I'm honored to be invited to be on several upcoming interviews as I travel back to Canada next week to speak and do a couple of book signings in Alberta for "Moments Matter."   I did an interview yesterday for an upcoming podcast and was asked a question about Captain Sullenberger.  My response to the question was that "we all were fortunate to have Captain Sullenberger there that day and I am honored to know him and have shared the speaking stage with him.  He came to his position [...]

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