“Transformation literally means going beyond your form”

 Wayne Dyer

I was honored to present my Tedx talk at Queens University in beautiful Kingston, Ontario a couple of weeks ago. I was humbled not only to have my team rally to help get all the details that need to get done done but investing their time to either travel to Kingston to support me in person or be online to watch me present. You can probably get all these details done yourself but you would probably miss a few things and miss out on all the time spent with outstanding people. In my Tedx talk “JOLT,” I speak about growth out of a traumatic experience leads to a life transformation. In an interview I did the week after my Tedx talk, I was asked, “how did you know your life was transformed”?  I shared that I believe my life was transformed by a realization about my level of consiousness.

We all go through different levels of consciousness. Initially our focus is totally on ourselves which is called egocentric. As we grow, we begin to care not only about ourselves ( which some people never grow out of) to caring about others which is called ethnocentric. Eventually we move to a worldcentric view about a bigger perspective than our primary circles of influences. Some even grow into a spirit-centric view, the ultimate level which we feel interconnected to all living things. About a month before the “Miracle on the Hudson” I was working in my security director role for Tony Robbins. I was at his 5 day event in Palm Springs which he goes into total immersion about your inner purpose. At one of the breaks, the security team was discussing the topic Tony was discussing, the Levels of Consiousness. We asked each other about what level each of us thought we were then we asked for a team perspective. I thought I was a Level 5, an achiever but a majority of the group thought I was a level 4, which focuses on order and absolute. I understood their perspective and took that in as a something to consider. A month later, I was involved in the “Miracle on the Hudson” and my life was forever changed.

Four weeks after the Miracle on the Hudson, I was back with my security team in Secaucus, NJ at Tony’s three day event. Our conversation picked back up about the levels of consiousness over dinner one night. When the discussion got to me, I told the team that I had considered their feedback and would tend to agree that I was in between a level 5 and a level 4. One of my team members, Kevin, stopped me and told me that he saw a very different level for me. He told me that he ( and I found out others on the team) thought I had moved to a level 7, a more integrated flexible level. People at this level integrate and align their systems, values, knowledge and competency. This level of person wants flexibility, spontananeity and functionality in which the person best qualified to make the decision should make the decision. I was initially confused about that observation but as I started to think about it, that is what happened after US Airways 1549 was in the Hudson and the rescue was on. Flexibility and adapability were on display that day and as I talk about in my talk “Brace for Impact,” on the right side of the plane, leaders stepped up, people checked their egos at their seats and the people with the best skill set made the calls and directed people to take the proper action.

This “JOLT” in my life not only helped me to grow in my relationships and career but most dramatically in my world view. Before the Miracle on the Hudson, I was pretty judgemental and focused on my goals. But after, I started to realize that I didn’t understand other people’s back stories and I started thinking about all the times in my life when I was judgemental and it probably cost me in my relationships, career and financially. My perspective started to change as I realized I had no basis to judge anyone unless I know the back story and my world view on many things started to grow and change and my life started to transform. Where I lived in a world of rules and structure for 47 years, I now strive to live in a world where I can adjust and adapt, connecting and growing in my relationships, career and worldviews.

You don’t need a literal plane crash in your life to make your transformation. You will have your own “personal plane crash” in your life. There are many ways to remake your life, growing and connecting instead of being stagnant and withering, The choice will be yours. As my father told me from his deathbed, you are not the first person to face this problem. Seek out others who have faced a “personal plane crash” and have grown and their life has been transformed. Check out my upcoming Tedx talk on YouTube in March for some ideas on how you too can transform your life into one that is fulfilling and focused on growing in your level of consciousness and your too will be transformed.

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Dave Sanderson is the Managing Partner of his firm, Dave Sanderson Speaks Enterprises based out of Charlotte, NC. On January 15, 2009, Dave was the last passenger off the plane that crashed into the Hudson River, best known as “The Miracle on the Hudson” and was largely responsible for making sure so many others made it out safely. In addition to speaking and training, Dave conducts workshops and his book was released titled “Moments Matter” on January 19, 2016, in which he discusses how by employing 12 key resources was a key factor that turned a potential tragedy into the “Miracle on the Hudson” and how does one take a potentially tragic experience and turn it into an opportunity to grow and contribute. He and his wife, Terri, reside in Charlotte, NC. They have four children, Chelsey, Colleen, Courtney, and Chance.