Dave Sanderson

Organizations who ask me to speak, not only ask me to speak about my experience of being the last passenger off the “Miracle on the Hudson” but how that experience helped me and I now help others employ their personal leadership skills to find what their Distinct Advantage is, their Point In Time That Changes Everything ( their PITTChE).  And right now it’s about employing your personal leadership to show people how to give certainty to those who may have uncertainty.

I have found that meeting attendees want an experience from someone who had an unique experience  that will inspire them to go back to their respective organizations ready to lead with the key tenets of leadership:  resourcefulness and ability to solve problems by employing focused execution wrapped with gratitude.

Most people think My Point iTime That Changed Everything (my PITTChE) for me was being the last passenger off the Miracle on the Hudson.  It wasn’t.  And through my story, I share how vulnerability, courage and bravery brought out these leadership traits and each of your attendees have it too, they may just need to hear how they too can bring it out.

Every conference has a unique mission, and one thing they have in common is they want their members when they leave to lead and transform.  Let’s discuss how we can create a unique experience for your attendees  so when they leave your meeting it will not only be rememberable, they will take what they learned back to their respective organizations equipped, empowered, transformed and inspired to know what their distinct advantage is and be the leader they are meant to be.

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Dave Sanderson travels the world presenting leadership keynotes, workshops and presentations to satisfied customers. Here’s what a few have to say…

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