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Dave Sanderson has made it his life’s work to “declassify “how people grow to be in the top 1%.  His goal is to help his audiences learn the skills and resources he has learned from the “masters” to help them prepare to overcome their ‘personal plane crash’ moment in life. This will help them not only grow but give them the resources that will affect their bottom line results.

Every person in every organization impacts someone and Dave’s goal is to help them truly understand how they can positively impact those relationships and drive results with total integrity. These skills and resources not only help people achieve more but have a more fulfilling personal life which will then positively impact the bottom line even more.

Dave is by no means just your ordinary “inspirational” or “motivational” speaker.

Dave has become known not only speaking about his personal experience surviving a life-threatening plane crash but showing how those skills he learned over 31 years and he employed that day on the Hudson River, to use them to increase personal performance, improve internal and external customer service which will positively impact your bottom line.

By sharing and teaching these personal leadership skill sets, he will help you increase the influence you have within and outside your organization, giving your audience an insatiable drive to put their new learnings into action immediately!

Having delivered over 1200 presentations around the globe and in the United States, you will have the confidence with working with a proven business and speaking professional with a track record that is guaranteed not only to deliver a huge impact on your organizational and personal success but also a high level of ROI (Retention of Information)!

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Clients who book motivational speaker Dave Sanderson for a leadership keynote, workshop or presentation benefit from a memorable and educational experience.

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Dave Sanderson travels the world presenting leadership keynotes, workshops and presentations to satisfied customers. Here’s what a few have to say…

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Dave is a much sought-after guest on podcasts, news shows, Google Hangouts and more. To interview Dave please visit the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page.

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