A View from Other’s Windows Can Shape Your Destiny

I was honored to attend and speak at Strategic Coach’s first COACHCON event in Nashville, Tennessee last week.

Since this was the first COACHCON event, many of the attendees and I were intrigued by what the vibe would be. Most of us were in one of the Strategic Coach programs so we knew that standards and expectations would be high. Being selected as one of the only speakers who were also a client of Strategic Coach, the interactions I had before attending gave me a perspective of the level of detail their event team had.

From the moment I went to the registration desk to the final event at Dan Sullivan’s 80th birthday party, I was treated like I was at a five star hotel. When I was the security director for Tony Robbins, was the first time I stayed at a five star hotel. It was the Four Seasons Park Lane. And the thing I remember is that I didn’t have time to get my kids a present from London so the Concierge staff went shopping for me, wrapped the presents, left them in my room and put the charge on my bill. They went above and beyond any expectations I had and from that point forward, if there is a Four Seasons Hotel in a city I go to, if I can get in, I stay there.

I was honored that they let me bring one of my team members to not only support me but attend all the sessions so they could experience what the speakers, attendees and I where about to experience. I brought my newest team member, Jeanette, who is in charge of speaker relations for our company.

Normally, I like to speak on a first day of a conference so I can enjoy the rest of the event without focusing on my talk. But, I was slated to speak on the morning of the second day which turned out to be to my advantage. That gave me the opportunity to get the vibe of the event, meet the vendors, see the set up and attend other speakers talks.

From the first speaker, Dan Sullivan, throughout the entire first day, the speakers were energetic, their messages were different but had something very similar.

After all the speakers were done for the day, I went to the room I was presenting in the next morning to do my dry run and I was very conscious of this similarity. I was debuting new content from my new book “The Limitless Life” in my talk and quickly modified a couple of my key points.

The next morning about 5:00 am, as I was working out and rehearsing my talk, I incorporated these updated key points. I had not told Jeanette what they were as I didn’t want any preconceived perceptions before I spoke.

When I got to the venue, Jeanette and I were sitting with some participants. I normally don’t eat before I speak as I am going into “game day mode.”

Jeanette and I went to the main room to hear the first speaker of the day, Joe Polish. I had never met Joe but have read his book “What’s in it for Them.” Joe did a fantastic job of relating his material to the room but we had to leave early to do a final dry run for my talk. But Joe’s message had some similarity to the previous day’s messages.

It set me up for my talk.

I was honored that my coach at Strategic Coach, Teresa Easler, introduced me. Teresa is not only a phenomenal coach but is an accomplished entrepreneur.

As I started my talk, I started to subtly share the message I kept hearing from the day before throughout my opening. It was when I transitioned to share my strategies and lessons that message became more overt.

Several years ago I had the honor of escorting General Colin Powell. I shared the story of that experience and the lesson that resonated with me and expanded on one of the biggest messages of COACHCON.

During that experience with General Powell, he shared this with me.

People of value, value people.

That was the message I heard repeatedly in many different ways the first day of COACHCON and what has made those who spoke and the attendees become who they have become.

Being self centered and focused only on your outcomes is problematic.

You must have a view from other’s window.

If you want your team to be the best and treat your clients the best you need to give them that experience first.

You need to treat your team to the Four Season’s experience so they know how to give it to your clients and prospective clients.

You need to regard the executive assistant to your potential client as a peer, not someone to just help you get to that person.

You must take interest in other’s interest first.

That is what General Powell was teaching me, you must have a view from other’s window as we all have a job to do.

And that is why Strategic Coach is the preeminent program for entrepreneurs in the world. Yes, they have cutting edge tools to help you accelerate your entrepreneur journey but it starts with their team is a group of people of value who value people.

After I got off stage, shook some hands, took a few pictures, Jeanette and I headed to the lunch room. When we got into the elevator, Joe Polish was already in it. I shared with him I mentioned him a couple of times in my talk and he and I exchanged contact information. (Proximity is Power!)

After lunch, I was honored to do an interview about my experience. Gary Mottershead interviewed me. I have been interviewed several hundred times but this interview felt different. Not only did Gary ask insightful questions, but I was able to share some distinctions I had never shared before. He opened it up for me to not only share new content but be vulnerable while I was sharing it.

I hope Strategic Coach continues with COACHCON as it brings entrepreneurs, speakers and vendors from across the globe together to not only collaborate but help all of us have a view from someone else’s window, together, embracing the uncertainty we all have in our businesses, igniting new opportunities and helping transform the world.

Being people of value, valuing people first, creating our own flight plans.