Adopt the Mindset of Being a Comprehensivist

When I re-started learning to swim over three years ago, I struggled. Coach Patty was throwing a lot at me quickly, including breathing, catching, kicking, and turning. I had to narrow down what was most important at the moment quickly, and that was learning to breathe effectively because if I couldn’t breathe, nothing else mattered.

Over the first 100 days, I made small improvements to the point that I could go back into the Hudson River with my wingman, Suzanne, and successfully and healthily swim 3.1 miles, crossing the Hudson to New York City, raising money for our Navy SEAL heroes.

When I returned to Charlotte, my goal was to keep swimming but improve each area Coach Patty was teaching me. I made improvements slowly but still struggled to put it all together. One day, as I was bobbing up and down in the deep end, Coach Patty told me, “One day, it will all click in.”

I am still waiting for that day but each area has improved significantly to the point where I will be going back into the water this September to raise money for our Special Operation heroes in the Honor Foundation.

But that statement about one day it will click resonated with me, as during my sales career and now as an entrepreneur, I have had it “all click in,” in my sales career and I am putting it all together as an entrepreneur.

When I speak with other entrepreneurs who have transitioned from the corporate world to starting their own journey, I ask a lot of questions and start putting together what I have learned from them and experienced in my life and business,

Success leaves clues. There are strategies for compressing decades into days.

One of these strategies I used in my sales career and am now validating in my journey as an entrepreneur is that the best of the best entrepreneurs are comprehensivists.

A comprehensivist is someone who has learned to connect the dots, see the bigger picture and look beyond their specialty, and see how it all comes together.

During my sales career, the day I started to see the bigger picture and look beyond the specific area of sales was when I put my job on the line, broke the “established” rules, and set my trend ( that I have done now several times).

It was when I found an attorney willing to help me with the internal strategy to procure an agreement with the then-largest commercial packaged goods company in America.

I broke the rules by agreeing to pay his $10,000 fee to consult. I told my partners, that if it didn’t work out, I’d resign my position.

We ultimately won a very significant project and I realized that if it makes sense, break the rules to help someone.

That day started me embracing a wide range of knowledge and skills across various areas to bring value to the opportunity.

I realized that being a comprehensivist will be increasingly valuable to me and my career, given the accelerating pace of change and uncertainty in the world today.

I learned that an individual who can connect the facts from a wide variety of sources and piece together what it all might mean for a potential client’s future will be more successful than someone who dedicates their life to becoming an expert in a particular niche.

That is why I focused on the “Real AI” instead of getting deep into product knowledge when I was with Oracle for many years. We had specialists for those areas I could bring to the table. I wanted to look across the spectrum of an enterprise and connect the dots for my potential client.

I took many hits from some management at Oracle for that approach, as that was not the “Oracle Way.” Fortunately, a Senior Vice President understood what I was doing and gave me air coverage. That allowed me to bring in many net new opportunities compared to my brethren.

If you look at the entrepreneurs who are making a huge impact, you will see common threads.

They break the rules when it makes sense,

They are comprehensivists.

And they have gratitude.

Elon Musk with SpaceX, Tesla and now X

Steve Jobs with Apple

Sara Blakely with SPANX.

All broke traditional rules, set the trend in their respective areas, and are comprehensivists.

So, in my business, we are taking the same approach. When people ask me how I’ve 2x’d my business in a year, I share some of the out-of-the-box strategies we are incorporating and now looking at additional strategies to 10x our business.

That is why my new book, The Limitless Life, is named that. It offers strategies for compressing the traditional decades it takes to build a self-managing business and life into “days” and beginning a journey to have a limitless life.

If you are in sales, an entrepreneur or someone who wants to make significant progress toward their personal mission remember

Sometimes you need to break the rules to start a trend

Being a comprehensivists is a pathway to fast growth

Having and expressing gratitude will keep you on the path when things get messy.

One day, I will connect all the dots as I continue my swimming journey to support our heroes. I now see the bigger picture as I swim those laps, not focusing on one specific thing but how I am beginning to see how it is all joining up or as Coach Patty says, “click”.

The same way we are doing in my business and my personal life.- Success Leaves Clues

When you are a comprehensivist, you EMBRACE THE UNCERTAINTIES life throws at you as it will IGNITE OPPORTUNITY, which will