When I swam the 2021 GIGO Navy Seal Swim, I was honored to have the opportunity to  be considered to go back into a place that almost took my life in 2009, to have a coach and team that supported me,  to gain redemption from the Hudson River, to swim with my wingman who has…


Tear off your clothes


In less than a week, I will return to New Jersey to go back into the Hudson River to swim with the Navy Seals to raise money for those veterans who have fallen on hard times. Yesterday, I started thinking about last year’s experience, the feelings, smells, tastes, views, and sounds from last year. (Yes,…


Where’s Captain America?


My mother installed discipline with her children when they were young. She grew up during the depression when the family unit was close, and everyone was given responsibilities. Money was tight, but each child would get an allowance upon completing their chores. Back in the 1930s, that allowance was five cents. My mother began this same ritual with her…


The biggest strength


On a recent podcast interview, I was asked why I decided to take up my wingman’s, Suzanne, offer to go back into the Hudson River and swim with her for the Navy Seal Swim last August. I started to give the answer I have given in the past, to get redemption from the day US Airways 1549…




I was born three days after President Kennedy was inaugurated. I was too young to remember anything about it but what I do remember and why I have always loved the space program is President Kennedy’s speech on September 12, 1962, when he said: “We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and…


Castles in the Sky


Last week, I was honored to be with my wingman, Suzanne, at her retirement ceremony at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. Suzanne is one of the most organized and prepared people I have ever been around. She had her day planned and had her classmate, Heidi, be her public relations officer for the day. Heidi’s role…




When I began in sales, one of the first things my new manager told me I needed to do was learn  “ the pitch.” I studied every night and presented the pitch to my wife repeatedly until it came naturally. One day over lunch with Bill, we discussed my new occupation, and I shared what I was learning…


The Chess Master


One of the things I have done for the past 24 years, during the Christmas holiday, is to reflect on the accomplishments and challenges I have had during the previous year, in addition to putting together the game plan for the coming year.   2021 had many accomplishments which the biggest was relearning how to swim…