"Leaders Inspiring for Tomorrow (LIFTx) is a U.S. Air Force leadership and resiliency event designed to connect the military and civilian force with influencers who can reach hearts and minds. When USO offered to support LIFTx by bringing Dave Sanderson, we knew it would be great. But we did not anticipate just how deeply Dave's story and testimony would connect. Dave effectively reached 19,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen with a message that challenged, brought hope, and inspired! Dave's captivating testimony and profound takeaways will nourish the success of our members for a lifetime.." ~ Major David Stuckenburg, USAF


"When Dave Sanderson finished speaking at the LIDMA Annual Conference it was clear that his message was powerful and resonated with everyone in the audience by the standing ovation he received. Not only does Dave have an incredible story based upon his experiences, but he is inspiring, motivational, engaging and has a great sense of humor! Dave’s stage presence and presentation style are outstanding for a closing keynote session. I say closing as opening with Dave would simply be a tough act to follow for anyone! Dave is also genuinely a great guy, opening himself to questions and taking the time to interact with event attendees throughout his time there. We highly recommend Dave Sanderson for your next meeting, conference or convention regardless of the industry you are in. His message reaches beyond industries and affirms belief in the human spirit!" ~ Gina Grantham, CAE, CEO, Life Insurance Direct Marketing Association

Growing out of adversity- Part 5: The fatal flaw is hubris

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My senior year in college, I took a philosophy course. I was an International Business major but needed the social science hours to complete my degree. I thought philosophy sounded like a pretty low key course where I could show up and get the "C" I needed to get the hours and as they say " get the degree". To get out of the course, I had to write a paper and the subject the professor gave us to write about was "pride". As this wasn't a top priority for me, like most college students, I waited until the day before to write the paper. I got it done early in the morning, didn't proof it and turned it in. You have to remember that this is when you had to write papers long hand. I turned the paper in and when I got it back from the professor I [...]

Growing out of adversity- Part 4: Are weeds the enemy?

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I recently heard the story of the parable of the weeds explained. It made total sense to me. I have heard this story since my youth and I have always looked at it from one perspective. In the parable, a man sowed good seed in his field but his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat while everyone was asleep (v.25). The sower sowed good seed but his enemy spoiled his field with weeds. The field of the wheat( the good) and the weeds (the evil) is the human heart. So I have always assocated weeds as a negative thing, especially when I look at my yard. But as I heard it again, I started thinking that I have had alot of "weeds" in my life but some of them I needed to have so I could contrast them with the possiblities I was not seeing. It is when [...]

Growing out of adversity- Part 3: Don’t waste reps!

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One of the things I enjoyed most when I was growing up in southern Ohio was going to Cincinnati Reds games at Crosley Field. My father would come home early and we'd jump in the car and head to the field. It was a magical time, not only being at the field seeing big leaguers play but being with my Dad as he explained the game to me. The first time he took me was when the San Francisco Giants played the Reds and his favorite player, Willie Mays, was in the line up. We got to the game early to watch batting practice and he told me to watch Willie and how he prepared for the game. I watched him and Johnny Bench and they both had a similar routine. Every rep they took in the field and in the batter box was taken extremely seriously. They never wasted [...]

Growing out of Adversity- Part 2: We don’t get to choose our time

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My family probably gets tired of me saying the response of "you chose that option." I learned many years ago, first from my mother then at my first Tony Robbins seminar then from Tony himself being on his team, that the decisions you make come down to a choice. Many people that I speak with, including my family, often tell me that "I have to do it." I too have said that many times in the past until I learned that most of the reasons I am where I am today is because I chose a certain pathway. But something came to light for me after I watched the movie, "Dr. Strange" when I heard a statement in the movie when Dr. Strange said "I am not ready." The response from the Ancient One was, "No one ever is, We don't get to choose our time." Choices…the greatest power we [...]

Growing out of Adversity- Part 1: Your Way is not My Way

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When I got to the New Jersey shore on January 15,2009,  three people were there to support me,  two emergency medical technicians and a gentleman from the American Red Cross.  During the next 14 hours, I had two additional Red Cross experiences.  That was the beginning of my relationship with the Red Cross.  As we all know, in the past three months the Red Cross has responded to all of the major crisises that have happened in the United States and surrounding islands.   They stepped up when others were in need, giving hope.  As the crisises started to develop and grow, I started reading articles from people who were questioning how the Red Cross responded ( or not).  Many of these people who wrote these stories have never responded to major crisises, only opine about them.  As I read these and answered questions from people who knew I supported the [...]

Defining Moments-Part 12: Investing in Uncertainty

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I speak often of my first mentor, Bill.  One day back in the mid 1980's, I was with Bill having lunch at the local Howard Johnson's and he had a friend come up to the table.  He owned a Bojangles franchise.  I was introduced then they spoke. After he was done and came back to the table he told me to never pass up the opporutnity to meet important people.  At that time I didn't think about it too much but about 2 years later, I received a call from that gentleman and he offered me a job to help him open up a new concept restaurant in his corporation.  I didn't think he remembered me but that taught me a lesson.  A few years later when I attended a Tom Hopkins boot camp, one of the things Mr. Hopkins talked about was when he was early in his sales [...]

Defining Moments- Part 11: The Main Thing

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Last week I spent the week in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I had been to Vancouver before but both times it was a quick in and out so I didn't take advantage of everything Vancouver has to offer.  If you have never been there, you must make it a "must see" place to go.  My publicist, Rania Walker, set up a great week of interviews around a couple speaking engagements I had.  The first television interview was on Breakfast Television Vancouver.  I have been on BT Toronto before and it was a great experience.  Riaz Meghji was selected to interview me.  I was impressed with Riaz as he not only spent 5 minutes with me prior to the interview but he really did his research about me and post traumatic growth syndrome. As we were doing the interview, something happened to cross my mind that I had hear 15 years prior about [...]