Finding the right Who is the remedy for Procrastination

Earlier last week, the announcement that I will be speaking at CoachCon in Nashville was released. I am extremely honored to be selected to speak. When I was asked to speak, the event planner asked me to speak on transformation.

The Miracle on the Hudson was a transformational experience for me. Not only what happened that day but the months and years after. That is one of the reasons I wrote my new book, The Limitless Life, as I share the lessons that transformed me and can transform anyone. The topic of transformation is in total alignment with my message of “create opportunity out of uncertainty.”

Changing your narrative starts with how you communicate with yourself. I had to change the questions I asked myself which helped me find more creative solutions and improve my resourcefulness. Resourcefulness is one of the strategies for transformation.

I received a call last Thursday from someone who saw the announcement. She asked me how I transformed my career from being a sales manager for Oracle to being on stages like CoachCon.

Many of the people I work with have the want but procrastinate on taking action. I have learned that procrastinating is a by-product of how to do something. I learned from Dan Sullivan that the remedy for procrastination is finding the who for the how.

The first question I had to answer was if I was going to conform to the standard thinking of going through a traumatic experience or if was I going to go out in the world and build a community to show how to bounce back from that experience.

Living a life of conformity focuses your mind inwardly. Focusing on building community is external. When you start to build your community, you may have to give up control. And it’s when you give up control, is when the transformation begins.

When you go through a traumatic experience, such as a plane crash, you realize you have no control. The only thing you can control is your mindset so I had a strong reference that even if I gave up control, I could survive and grow which started my transformation.

Many people think that my transformation began the weekend after the Miracle on the Hudson when I spoke in public. The real transformation was the swim from US Airways 1549 to the NY Waterway ferry which was revealed to me a few months later.

I was asked to keynote the 9/11 ceremony in Monroe, NC in 2009. I invited my minister, Reverend Ken Carter to accompany me. As we were walking back to my car, he said something that I had not thought about before but opened my eyes.

He said ” In the Methodist faith, you are baptized once into the Faith. But as I was listening to you today, I realized that when you swam and got to the ferry, you came out of the water with a different mission. It was as when you came out of that water, you were baptized again.”

Sometimes someone sees what we don’t. They help you write a new story.

I then asked my new friend if she believed in a Greater Being. She said yes. Then I shared some thoughts about Jesus and the upcoming Holy Week.

Jesus challenged conformity and built a community. How did Jesus do that, He implemented “Who not How.” He knew that to transform the world, He could not conform. He needed to build a community so He found the “who’s” who could help Him.

He also knew that if His mission was to continue, He had to give up control.

He ultimately gave up control which we will recognize and celebrate next week, which began the transformation that still exists today.

I shared with her that one of the biggest lessons I learned years ago is “success leaves clues.” There are stories of people who have achieved my mission and I needed to find them and model what they did. If I wanted to build a community, for my mission, I needed to find my “who’s for my hows” to help me build my community, and that was the strategy I implemented.

One of the things I learned was what the best of the best speakers and thought leaders do.

Their community is transformed through their vision.

And that was the mindset I had when I began this journey the week after the Miracle on the Hudson. I changed the narrative for my life. In my new book, The Limitless Life, I share the strategies that assisted in that transformation to “create an opportunity out of the uncertainty of a plane crash.”

So as we finished our conversation, I told her the pathway to fulfill her mission is to:

  1. Change the narrative you have for your life by changing your internal dialouge
  2. Understand and commit to your mission
  3. Stop procrastinating and take massive action
  4. Find your “Who’s for your How’s
  5. Move from conformity to building community
  6. Get comfortable with giving up control
  7. Find a mentor who will help you write your new story

When you transform your life, you are creating your flight plan for your future. When you are living your flight plan, your life will be filled with happiness and fulfillment. Find a mentor who sees what you don’t. They will help you write your new story and your life will be transformed.