Marrying the Truth of Unlimited Capacity

Last week, I participated in an event in Las Vegas. Twenty-one entrepreneurs who were at the top of their industries met to mastermind. I was honored to be invited and share some thoughts and strategies on how to grow opportunities in this time of uncertainty.

As I was waiting in the Las Vegas airport to catch my flight to my next speaking event in Phoenix, I was standing next to someone I had seen on ESPN last summer. She is a UFC fighter, and I did a double-take to ensure she was who I thought she was.

When I asked her, she acknowledged that she is a UFC fighter. Fortunately, our flight was delayed, and it gave me time to have a conversation with her. I asked her some questions about how she got involved, what was the toughest part of competing in such a physical sport and about the women’s straw weight division.

She told me that she has always been underestimated and doubted, and people told her it would be almost impossible for her to be a UFC champion, let alone fight at that level. She then asked me a couple of questions. She was shocked to learn about my experience of the Miracle on the Hudson and my time with Tony Robbins.

I told her there were times in my life when people would tell me I couldn’t do or accomplish something. But there was something I learned that served me that day on the Hudson River and many times before and since.

Impossible is nothing.

I shared with her that one of the reasons the Miracle on the Hudson is remembered is that the crew executed something that once seemed impossible. It’s the difference between being excellent and being outstanding. It’s when you break new ground and surpass the limits that society has.

After my wingman, Suzanne, asked me to swim with her and return to the Hudson River, she introduced me to my Seal sponsor, Scuba. After he saw me struggle to swim 25 yards, he told me, “You have alot of work to do; show up tomorrow at 5am and Coach Patty will show you how to swim.”

I told my new UFC friend, the first thing I had to do was something I speak about and teach.

Divorce the mindset of limitation and marry the truth of unlimited capacity.

Like her, I had many people doubting if I could do such a daunting task. I had no reason to assure anyone that I had the confidence and competency to swim with the elite, let alone, 3.1 miles in some of the roughest water in the United States in a place that almost took my life.

But, one thing I learned and implemented when I was on Tony’s security team was to always strive to go to the next level, develop the mindset of resiliency, go someplace that no one had ever gone, and surpass the limits I had in my mind.

I had to marry the truth of a mindset of unlimited capacity that nothing I had the opportunity to accomplish, no matter how implausible, was outside the realm of possibility.

I shared with her the five-step strategy I learned and implemented to go from barely swimming 25 yards to, in 100 days, swimming 3.1 miles with the elite of the elite Navy Seals.

I told her that if she divorces any limitation in her mind and marries the truth of unlimited capacity, she will not only fight at the highest level but give herself the opportunity to be a champion. And when you are a champion, you will be remembered, just like what happened on January 15, 2009.

We all have those people who will doubt that you can do something. Steve Jobs, Sara Blakely, Bob Beamon, Roger Bannister, and Chuck Yeager all had doubters. But they all divorced the mindset of limitation and married the mindset of unlimited capacity. They went someplace no one had ever gone before and will always be remembered. They went from being good or excellent in their field to being outstanding.

Uncertainty is just another word for doubt.

If you want to create opportunity out of doubt, divorce the mindset of limitation and marry the truth that you have unlimited capacity. Once you do that you are on the pathway to creating your flight plan for your future and live

The Limitless Life!