"The amazing story of Dave Sanderson is what draws you in but it’s the personal connection he makes that is the true difference. As the keynote speaker for our association event, he captivated the group as he related the events of The Miracle on the Hudson and then challenged and inspired each individual to examine the lessons learned and correlate them to their personal experiences. The real impetus is how relatable Dave is. Rather than just hearing an incredible story, the listener finds themselves in Dave’s shoes and questions not only what they personally would have done in that moment but, more importantly, how that would affect who they are and what they do today. A month later, I am still receiving positive feedback from our members and stories of the impact the session had on them personally. Dave Sanderson is a great speaker and an amazing man. Thank you for sharing your gift and inspiring us all to view our personal missions in a new way." ~ Robert F. Albanese, Senior Regional Vice President, PA/NJ/DE, Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc


"When Dave Sanderson finished speaking at the LIDMA Annual Conference it was clear that his message was powerful and resonated with everyone in the audience by the standing ovation he received. Not only does Dave have an incredible story based upon his experiences, but he is inspiring, motivational, engaging and has a great sense of humor! Dave’s stage presence and presentation style are outstanding for a closing keynote session. I say closing as opening with Dave would simply be a tough act to follow for anyone! Dave is also genuinely a great guy, opening himself to questions and taking the time to interact with event attendees throughout his time there. We highly recommend Dave Sanderson for your next meeting, conference or convention regardless of the industry you are in. His message reaches beyond industries and affirms belief in the human spirit!" ~ Gina Grantham, CAE, CEO, Life Insurance Direct Marketing Association

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