Episode 138 with Dave Sanderson

Speaker, Author and TEDx Speaker Dave Sanderson joins this episode to talk about:

* Ways to grow out of things and Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome.
* The pandemic and a plane crash.
* Practicing staying in front of people.
* The startling reactions of phone calls.
* The definition of a Distinct Advantage.
* Focusing on your PITTCHE.
* Having to swim to save his life.
* Him not supposed to be on the “Miracle on the Hudson” flight.
* The connection to the number 15.
* What the moment’s like when you believe you’re going to die.
* Knowing what was happening even in the midst of chaos.
* Being the only person on the plane with leverage.
*The longest 10-yard swim of his life and why he now wears glasses.
* The meaning of “We attack life.”