100 Days To Triumph

Change is inevitable; progress is not.

Have you ever been presented with an opportunity that could change the direction of your life?

From my experience from the Miracle on the Hudson, I have learned that everyone has more than one lifetime in their life; when you have opportunities, that could be your date with destiny.

We all know, especially these days, that change will happen, but making progress towards what is most important to you is not.

How do you clarify, simplify, and progress towards the significant outcomes that will change your life?


In “100 Days to Triumph,” Dave will share the proven and tested strategy how he was able in 100 days to go back into a place where his life was almost taken from him during the Miracle on the Hudson, beginning from not swimming for over forty years and 100 days later, swimming across the cold and rough Hudson River with the elite Navy Seals, this time leaving on HIS terms.


Dave will show you the “MAP” he uses to not only survive a plane crash but achieve any goal he makes!  He will show your audience how they can accomplish any significant goal or initiative they may have within 100 days!  Whether it is obtaining sustainable weight loss, boosting your energy to finish a triathlon healthy, increasing your influence and exceeding your sales goals, creating a passionate long-lasting relationship, or discovering what is necessary to have an extraordinary life of happiness and fulfillment, Dave will simplify these strategies into easy-to-understand MAP that you can implement today, compressing the decades of what it usually takes to get your goals achieved and the techniques you can use today to create the flight plan you desire for your life.

$999.00 USD