Real AI

When the pandemic started, the word I kept hearing over and over was pivot. I had people telling me I had to “pivot” in my business, how I shopped and how I worshipped. So, I looked how others were “pivoting” their business so I could maintain a sense of normalcy.

Over the past six months, the word “pivot” has changed to “AI.” When I turned on the news, I heard “AI,” working with Oracle, I heard about the innovations that Oracle was making in “AI,” and even as I researched how I was going to turn my books into audio books, I heard how I could now use “AI” to get it done in less than a month.

A couple of weeks ago, I was speaking with a close friend, Mark Hunter, and he asked me how I was approaching the use of AI. I answered him, but after the call, I knew I had to ‘bone up” on my understanding of AI and how to take advantage of it in my speaking and sales business.

When my friend, Larry Levine, publicly announced Morgan James picked up his book, I re-listened to the audible version of ” Selling from the Heart.” As I was listening to the book, I was looking if Larry had any “easter eggs” in his book about how I could take his philosophy and incorporate AI.

When I got to chapter six, something came to me. After the Miracle on the Hudson, my life was realigned to focus on becoming a better servant leader. When I read chapter six of ” Selling from the Heart,” what I realized was not only was Larry’s philosophy based on AI, but if you really want to be a true professional, not only in sales but in servant leadership, the best of the best use “AI.”

But It’s not the AI that we keep hearing about.

The real AI is about Authentic Interactions.

Most people think of AI as artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence has a role in radically accelerating your productivity. But I think that how you can rapidly accelerate your growth is something I learned in 1987 when I attended my first Tom Hopkins seminar, and my friend, Scott Manthorne, has been teaching me that sales and business are “belly to belly.”

As l look back on when I have had success in my life and business is when I check my ego at the door and focus on “serving first before I get served.”

When I read Simon Sinek’s book “Leaders Eat Last,” what I learned first from Tom Hopkins and later from Scott Manthorne is that the best of the best leaders and sales professionals is they focus on serving others first before they pursue their personal interests. Leaders who serve their associates and clients, like family, will increase engagement and trust.

When I was going through the Miracle on the Hudson, I was in the middle of working with a new potential client. I was focused on serving them first before my company’s goal of “getting the business.” On January 17, 2009, that potential client sent a gift to my family and me thanking me for what I did on January 15, 2009, and they were proud to be associated with me. I was later told that I was now a “part of their family.”

My relationship had grown from a vendor to having an Authentic Interaction and being “family. Shortly after, that company turned from a potential client to my client.

If you are going to invest in AI, first start with investing in Real AI, Authentic Interactions. spend some time in understanding the backstory of your new relationship, ask how you can serve them before asking for anything, and invest your most important asset. This asset is equal with everyone, TIME, and you will build Authentic Interactions. When things get tough, those relationships will be the ones you can count on to have your back and deliver.

So Mark, the answer to your question about how I am using AI is this.

I am learning more about how professionals can use artificial intelligence daily. But my investment in AI, “Authentic Interactions,” is where I invest most of my time and resources, first with my top 20 relationships every week, my top 40 “farm club” every quarter, and my next 60 every year. If I can build 120 “AI’s,” I will be able to become the servant leader I have committed to become and have a life and business of fulfillment and, most importantly, happiness.

A pathway to creating opportunity out of uncertainty is to commit to building Real AI’s, real authentic interactions. When you do this, you will not only build relationships but become the servant leader you were born to be and

Create your own flight plan for your future!

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