Key Speech Themes:

  • Inspiration/Overcoming Adversity

  • Leadership

  • Growth Through Resilience


In this stirring presentation, Dave Sanderson reveals the lessons and strategies that helped guide his decisions following the crash of US Airways Flight 1549, or “The Miracle on the Hudson.” Dave not only survived the “crash” but realized that there were critical moments in his life that prepared him for how he came through the events of that day. In this 50-minute presentation, Dave shares practical and implementable strategies on resiliency, leadership, and mindset anyone can use to survive their “personal plane crash” moment, grow, and create opportunity out of uncertainty. 


- The REAL AI- Access to Influence

- Aviate, Navigate and Communicate

- Confidence, Competency, and Creativity

- Creating conditions around you for success



LIMITLESS: YOUR 100-DAY EVOLUTION Embracing Uncertainty, Igniting Opportunity

At a time when people are longing for connection and community, they are also seeking a way to create an extraordinary life truly. So many people don't have a mentor or their own personal "board of directors."  Dave works with people of all ages to help them decide just what their personal "life" brand will look like going forward. He is convinced that everyone has their own defining moment, whether it be personal or professional, but that most people don't know how to take that first step to find opportunities out of their own uncertainty.

"Limitless: Your 100-Day Evolution" is a 2.5 hour online workshop designed to provide you with the type of guidance that everyone needs in today's tumultuous world. Dave has personally experienced his own "turmoil to triumph" moments in his life, all of which were compressed into that day when the plane crashed. This pivotal moment profoundly changed his life and made him realize that his life lessons were worth sharing. Dave knows the value of goal setting and can show you how to accomplish whatever you want by helping you create your custom flight plan. Better yet, his one-of-a-kind strategies will empower you to continually grow and evolve no matter what you set out to do.

  • Decide what your personal “life” brand should encompass.
  • Develop a personalized and strategic blueprint to embrace uncertainty and ignite opportunities you may not even realize exist.
  • Learn the value of setting goals and following a path to achieve them!

Looking for something more specific?

Dave routinely works with organizations to personalize his presentation to specifically address the issues their company may be facing. During his meticulous pre-planning, he is always happy to find ways to further customize his presentation.