The Mindset of You Can Be More

Many influential people have come into my life and brought me into their circles to mentor me. People often ask me how I have had these opportunities to be around these fantastic individuals. It comes down to one basic principle.

Proximity is power.

Recently, someone asked me if there was one message that resonated with me that all these mentors either shared, inferred, or modeled. That one made me think, but after thinking about what these wonderful mentors shared with me was consistent, I realized it was this.

You learn more from being around top performers and encouraging them instead of hanging with people who talk a big talk but don’t walk their talk; they don’t perform.

In my new book, The Limitless Life, I share a story about having a call with Tony Robbins after the Miracle on the Hudson. He shared with me many different insights, a couple of those insights were what I would experience in the future and always remember where I came from. He encouraged me to take this opportunity and do something massive and positive with it. It was a great talk and gave me some distinctions I had not thought about.

As that call was coming to an end, I was smiling and was encouraged.

A couple of weeks later, I went to Secaucus, NJ to support Tony at one of his UPW events in my role as his security director. When we spoke, I mentioned to him that I was overwhelmed and feeling like a chicken with my head cut off.

He reminded me of the time when we were in Fiji, and I was out of balance, and when I got home, get balance in my life. Out of that discussion, I learned that I was in reaction mode and not thinking, and if I continue down this path, I will have a successful life, but I will never become the person I could be, and I will regret it. And I told myself,

You can be more.

That is when I started to think, write, speak, and understand the lessons and distinctions I learned from the Miracle on the Hudson. I started to listen to one book a week from great people. I became more focused on my long-term mission and development as an author, philanthropist, and mentor, not just on my short-term income as a speaker.

That talk got me out of my comfort zone and was the inspiration for me to write my first book, Moments Matter, with Cindy Wrightson.

When I got back home from the 15th anniversary celebration of our first responders, healthcare, military, and Red Cross heroes from the Miracle on the Hudson, I reflected back on those conversations and what I learned from these great mentors and others, and it kept coming back to those four words I said to myself in 2009.

You can be more.

I was doing very well at Oracle, mentoring people, speaking and I got comfortable, but for a time, I was not challenging myself. That is one of the reasons I retired from Oracle and the corporate world and began my entreprenural journey and put a focus on the strategy I learned early in my business career (P+T) x MA) x RA.

I learned that as a leader, mentor, and speaker, it is tempting to spend time with people with low expectations and not challenging goals, as you can help them very quickly. Nothing is wrong with doing this, but you may miss a major opportunity.

Hang with or work with people who are on a roll and feel great about their performance, and who may be comfortable. What I learned is I can have more impact and make progress toward my mission if I can deliver the message of ” You Can Be More” message in a positive way that will resonate with these top performers.

You can be more.

You will find that sharing that message with a top performer is the ultimate compliment. You are recognizing them for what they have accomplished and communicating and showing them they have the capability to become even more and make a more significant impact.

That recognition of “You Can Be More,” approximately six weeks after the Miracle on the Hudson, has driven me to speak, develop a unique high-impact workshop, mentor high performers, publish a magazine, and write another book.

A pathway to create opportunity out of uncertainty is never to stop applying “ You Can Be More” to yourself. Don’t ever get too comfortable. Stay humble, and if you want others to become the leaders they have the potential to be, let them watch you do the same thing,

Creating your own flight plan for your future!