The Secret of Success is knowing that People are your Greatest Asset

Last week was an amazing week. It started with the passing of one of my childhood heroes and ended up attending the opening of the new Sullenberger Aviation Museum.

When I wrote last week about the first personal development lesson I had in 7th grade being exposed to John Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success,” I did not know that someone I met a few months ago who was a link and spoke about the Pyramid of Success had passed away, Bill Walton.

The older you get, you know that people pass on but when it’s someone you looked up to, (figuratively and literally), it hits and reminds you of a time when heroes were larger than life.

On Wednesday, I was invited and my wife and I attended the opening of the Sullenberger Aviation Museum. I am always honored to see US Airways 1549 up close, and the way it is presented in the new museum is truly impressive. But being around the crew and passengers always humbles me and reinforces something that was proven out on January 15, 2009 and something I talk about and teach.

The secret sauce of the success of January 15, 2009, thriving companies, amazing athletic teams, and high-performance sales teams is knowing that your people are your greatest asset.

This was a discussion point on a call last week. Someone who read my blog, When you Dream Big, Execute Small, Miracles Happen, asked me why more people don’t follow this approach if it is that simple, change your habits.

But simple doesn’t mean it is easy.

I shared something I learned from my first mentor that has helped me when I get in those “stuck” times and reinforced at my first Tony Robbins seminar.

There are three kinds of people. The people who will, the people who won’t, and the people who can’t.

If you have heard me speak, I share the story about how my mother would never allow me or any of her children to say the word can’t. I realized after my mother passed away that this one thing, “no such word as can’t” was her worldview. Your worldview is your “collection of attitudes, values, stories, and expectations about the world around us, which inform our every thought and action. “

And what I have experienced throughout my life is people who use the word “can’t” regularly, are the ones who usually fail in achieving their mission.

There are the “won’t” people. There is an opportunity to be pursued and the “won’t” people don’t pursue it. They are the ones who will oppose even trying as they see the fear of failure as more painful than trying which is the greatest obstacle to their success and they usually will not achieve their mission.

Did you know that all top performers in business, sports, teams, and all fields understand that the secret to their success is finding and working with the people who are the “wills?” This is true even after they have reached the pinnacle of success.

Why is this? What I have learned is once they get to the top, they need to be around people who have the mindset of accomplishment. The “wills” usually have insights and can see things from a different perspective.

High achievers know the secret sauce to have a limitless life is being around the “will” people which turns out to be their greatest asset.

What does John Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success” reveal? It reveals the habits that the “will” people have and do. It reveals why the UCLA Bruins won ten straight national championships.

On January 15, 2009, what if the crew had the mindset of can’t or won’t? What if the Captain thought, “there are no options to get this plane down, or since I haven’t done it before, I can’t get down safely?” The unspoken mission of the day was ” no one dies today” which revealed the “will” mindset of all involved.

And it gave and continues to give people hope. And the Sullenberger Aviation Museum is there to show the next generations that when you have a “will” mindset, anything is possible.

The secret to success to having a limitless life is finding and being around people who have the “will” mindset. These people are your greatest asset.

If you’re not where you want to be currently, whether it’s your personal goals, business goals, financial goals, or relationship goals – there’s something you don’t know or you are around people who are “won’ts” or “cant’s”.

You think what you need are just answers. But who are you hanging with?

What successful people know is what Jim Rohn taught, ” you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Are the five people you are hanging with the “wills”, the “won’ts” or the “cant’s?”