When pressure hits—your highest level of preparation is revealed

Last weekend, during our “Operation Do No Harm” event, I was speaking with one of the veterans who attended. It was in between my talk and when Dave Albin and his team did the firewalk experience. He asked me if I felt any pressure after the plane was in the water.

He had just heard me speak and in my new video, I show how I faced the fear of going back into the Hudson River when I swam with the Navy Seals.

I told him that was an interesting question. I said ” pressure”? He said yes. I asked him, ” how does he define ” pressure”? He said, ” being stressed or being scared”.

I told him that I didn’t feel any stress and I didn’t have time to be scared because I had to focus on the outcome, survival.

I asked him why he was asking.

He told me that he wasn’t sure about walking on fire but he felt pressure to have to walk.

I reassured him that he didn’t have to walk if he didn’t want to but if he wanted to face that fear, Dave would get him across safely. But one thing I have learned is having pressure is a privilege.

He looked at me like, ” I don’t get it.” So I shared a couple of things with him on how I look at pressure and how it not only served me on January 15, 2009 but other times in my life likewise.

One of my father’s favorite golfers was Lee Trevino. He loved the way Mr. Trevino handled himself on and off the golf course. One of the things he was asked was about the pressure he felt when he was coming to the final holes of a major.

He laughed and said, “Pressure is when you play for five dollars a hole with only two in your pocket.” He later extrapolated that if he prepared, he didn’t feel pressure as he knew he was able to execute at HIS highest level.

I told him one of the best lessons I learned by my time with Tony Robbins was about handling pressure. Tony teaches that

“When you experience an emotion and try to deny what you’re feeling, your emotions will simply intensify. The pressure will build and what you are trying to ignore will resurface – potentially at an inconvenient time.”

You have to acknowledge what you are feeling so you can handle it so the pressure doesn’t come up at the wrong time, such as when the plane is going down or you take that first step on the firewalk lane.

He asked me how I handle pressure now. I told him two things that I learned and practice has helped me tremendously when those stressful times hit.

First, “When you have the humility to prepare, you have the confidence to execute.” Every day I listen to positive things so I stay in a resourceful state so when something out of the ordinary hits, such as when you hear the Captain of your plane says, ” Make sure you know where the exits are.” you are mentally and emotionally prepared for what be coming up, managing your state first so you can help others manage their mindsets.

Just as I think what happened in the cockpit of US Airways 1549 after the engines went out the Captain and First Officer had put the reps in so they had prepared as much as they could to execute in a most pressure-packed situation.

Because when pressure hits, your highest level of preparation is revealed.

Second, recently, our team found that someone knowingly took the money that was owed to us for the services I provided. At first, I was angry which went to upset then to frustration. Then I remembered something that I learned from my time with Tony and has helped me when I go into these states.

My happiness will never last as long as it’s got expectation behind it because what are the chances of everybody doing exactly what I think they should do the right way every moment of every day?

My team has made suggestions on how I should handle this situation. And each of these suggestions I am considering.

I haven’t decided on how I will handle this situation but one thing you learn after you go through a challenging time or a traumatic event is this,

Life is too short to live with stress or pressure and I’m going to strive to live in a beautiful state every day, even when someone does something egregious to me, my family, or my company.

The way I do that is I spend time working on my mindset and preparing as much as I can because stress and pressure are a part of life. Every day, when those moments come, such as when someone steals money from you, or you are suffering a life-threatening illness, or you are going down in a plane crash or if you are walking on fire, if you will approach that with a beautiful mindset, you know you have put the reps in and you are ready to execute.

This young veteran did step up. He wrote down his fear on a board, broke it, did the firewalk, and then threw his board into the fire.

He faced his fear and now has a reference on how to embrace uncertainty which ignited new opportunities in his life.

As you go through your week, if you feel pressure or stress, put yourself in a beautiful state, a state that focuses on serving first, with joy. Know if you have had the humility to prepare you will have the confidence to execute and handle the situation, relieving whatever stress or pressure you may feel. When you do this you

Embrace the uncertainty , igniting opportunities and begin to live the

Limitless Life.