Dave Sanderson’s Private  Workshop process puts you and your team in the driver’s seat. Dave has two primary workshops, Situational Awareness and Mission Focused Leadership.
  • Situational Awareness workshop is a four-hour interactive training to teach you and your team the skills you need to be confident and effective when faced when life throws you a curveball. The more you understand and train, the better you will become at accessing choice in any situation. Most people don't understand that the ability to survive starts long before it happens. Sometimes, it's dealing with a crisis with nature, an unforeseen mechanical malfunction, or your business.
  • Mission Focused Leadership workshop is a four-hour interactive training to help you bring your entire team to play on the same level, understanding how to communicate effectively, what drives each person on your team so you can put them in the best situation to succeed and the success model on how leadership can put you in a perpetual cycle to not only win but live a life of significance.
You'll receive pre-workshop conference calls to ensure the workshop conforms to your needs. After the workshop, we will follow up with you to measure its effectiveness. Your goals and needs are our number one priority. Finally, you'll receive an executive summary of the workshop that's based on attendee feedback. Each workshop is arranged like a train the trainer model so when we are done, you have someone who can teach and immerse your associates in your company’s mindset and values.