You must see a New World before you can live in it

I just returned home from a week in Toronto, doing media for my new book and attending a day long session with my coach, Teresa.

My team and the extended team did a fabulous job of putting together a tour that allowed me to share my story and mission in all different media outlets, television, radio, and newsprint. Each one offered an opportunity to delve into different areas of the lessons and strategies learned over the past fifteen years.

As I was en route, via Uber, to an interview at Breakfast TV yesterday, the Uber driver had recently moved from India to Toronto. He was 22 years old with a lot of energy. We began speaking almost immediately as I got into his car. He asked me what was at the address we were going to. And it was on.

I told him I was going to Breakfast TV to be interviewed for my new book, The Limitless Life. That set off a firestorm of questions. He began telling me about an event he attended in Calgary from someone who I had met on a zoom call, Ed Mylett. He told me that his flight was delayed six hours so he and his girlfriend had to drive 36 hours to get there in time for the seminar.

I commended him for his fortitude and making his personal development a “Must” not a “should.” He said the event was life changing and stayed awake the entire drive back to Toronto.

I asked him if he was going to return to India after he earned enough money. He is 22 and on his own in a different country. He said he didn’t think so as his friends and relatives were not uplifting and positive but he was getting pulled to return.

After he finished, I had the opportunity to jump in and shared some thoughts.

I started by telling him about my coaching session this quarter was focused on how to have a bigger future by looking at my present company and my future company. How as a leader, you have to keep your eyes on the current company so you keep the lights on and you also need to look at what your future company will need to be.

He asked me how does someone do that.

I told him what he did with Ed Mylett is a great first step. Invest in his personal development so he is in proximity of leaders who have walked their talk, always invest in himself first. It’s one of the first financial principals I learned, “pay yourself first.”

Then find a mentor and coach who have walked their talk


Never take advice from someone who you wouldn’t trade places with in the arena. As Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States did, fail up. Always aspire to something bigger by putting yourself in the arena of others who have figured it out.

Next, I told him he had to see a new world for himself before he could live in it. Going back to India may be great to visit but in Toronto, he is being exposed to people that will open his mind and experiences, a totally different world than his small village in India.

He told me he didn’t want his family to be jealous or mad at him. I shared with him what I learned from my time with Tony Robbins.

Love your family, choose your friends and business associates.

Tony’s message emphasizes the coexistence of family and friends in our lives, they serve distinct purposes. Family offers a sense of history, and unconditional love, serving as a safety net during life’s trials. Meanwhile, friendships and business associates provide companionship, camaraderie, and the opportunity for personal and business growth outside the confines of familial expectations.

I then shared a little of my story and why I wrote my new book. I suggested he check out the interview I did with Susan Hay on Global TV while I was in Toronto.

I was interviewed by Susan eight years ago during my launch of my book, ” Moments Matter.” The interview last week is focused on the lessons I learned and how I have applied them. The message of that interview is about how I learned to have a limitless life.

I had to see a new world for myself to live my mission. I put myself in proximity of people who I would trade places with as they have accomplished amazing things in their lives and that I could model while I live in my “present world” but continually focus on building my “future world.”

As we approached my destination at Breakfast TV, the last thing I shared was to remember that he can get an education by proximity; people, experiences and listening to books as he Uber’s.

I gave him my card and gave him the green light to contact me whenever he needed some inspiration or direction.

As my friend Elaine Pasqua shares in her message. Never be shy to speak with people in your proximity, you never know who you may meet that can help you, ( in my words now) Create your own flight plan.

If you are on a journey to have a limitless life, one pathway is:

  • You need to see your new world before you can live it
  • Never take advice from someone who you wouldn’t trade places with in the arena
  • Love your family, choose your friends and business associates
  • Get an education by proximity

Remember you can compress the decades it takes to get your outcomes and mission to days and create your own flight plan by

Embracing Uncertainty, Igniting Opportunity.